Last House On The Block


The Last House on the Block provides hope for alcohol and drug dependent men who desire to reclaim their integrity and their palce in society. In a drug-free, structured environment, residents will develop spiritual and moral principles which will assist them in becoming productive citizens.

Services and Programs:

  1. Attending AA and CA meetings
  2. Working a 12 step program
  3. Daily Devotion
  4. Financial Counseling
  5. Gaining Employment
  6. Attending In-House group meetings
  7. Continuing Education
  8. Helping Others

Progam and Service Goals:

  1. Encourage self-responsibility for Sobriety
  2. Encourage financial independence
  3. Heighten awareness of behaviors that inhibit health and perpetuate not living sober and happy
  4. Promote performance in activities of daily sober living
  5. Social interaction and communication
Last House On The Block
206 Tuscaloosa Road
P.O. Box 304
Columbus, Ms 39703