CRLC Mission & Purpose

Mission Statement:

The mission of Community Recovery of Lowndes County is to provide recovery services to individuals and families affected by natural and manmade disasters in Lowndes County,
Mississippi. Services will be provided regardless of the individuals’ race, creed, color, gender, disability or religious preference.
The goal of Community Recovery of Lowndes County is to assist our fellow residents to recover as fully as possible from any Community Recovery of Lowndes County deemed recent disaster
while being careful not to overlook any affected citizens.


CRLC is a non-profit organization and sets forth these operational procedures to establish and maintain a network with and on behalf of the faith-based, non-profit, governmental, business and
other organizations and agencies which will provide coordinated recovery efforts in Lowndes County, Mississippi.
CRLC’s purpose is to provide coordinated management of the long-term recovery to Lowndes County residents and provide additional long-term assistance to individuals and families affected
by any disaster, as defined by State and Local officials, who do not have adequate personal resources for their basic needs as a result of the disaster.
CRLC’s purpose is to provide this assistance in the form of spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial resources to those affected by the disaster regardless of sex, race, creed, ancestry,
national origin, color, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.
To maximize our impact on current efforts, we may seek to collaborate with other non-profit organizations which fall under the 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Code and are
operated exclusively for recovery and charitable purposes.

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